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CityMatch Plants New Roots

Project type: 
Million Tree Challenge

A new Million Tree Challenge Partner, CityMatch, is a London business that provides a destination and settlement service for employers relocating talent to our city. The brainchild of Jodi Simpson, CityMatch is celebrating one year in business by planting a tree for each client she has helped relocate to the Forest City.CityMatch logo

“I built my business on the inherent awesomeness that is London. The city is a living breathing entity,” Simpson said. “Employers, employees and passionate city dwellers are embracing the concept of a hands-on relocation and settlement concierge for London and here I am 12 months later to tell about it with a smile on my face and optimism for the future.”

CityMatch partners with area employers who face an intense competition for talent and are focused on attraction and retention efforts. A natural connector, Simpson has channelled her desire to bring together people, businesses and organizations with her passion for building community and her commitment to the development of a vibrant London. Naturally, making London’s environment stronger and healthier is part of her vision and planting trees is a practical and effective way to make a difference.

Jodi Simpson “It makes me proud that CityMatch has established official roots in this town,” Simpson said, “and so I wanted to create a physical manifestation of the importance of the idea of permanence and roots. So, for every individual, couple and family I helped relocate this past year, I have committed to plant a tree in the Forest City. My wish is to make this an annual CityMatch tradition as London continues to grow roots and CityMatch continues to prosper.”

Thank you MTC Partner CityMatch for this pledge that will count toward London’s Million Tree Challenge and help grow London into a healthier and greener City that will certainly assist in the attraction of a talented workforce who chooses to put down new roots in London.