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Celebration Forest 2013 Planting

Project type: 
Park Naturalization

Tree planting is an ageless activityThe day was simply beautiful, Saturday, May 25th when over 350 people came together to add their trees to the Celebration Forest, a living legacy being created on a rolling piece of land behind Parkwood Hospital.

A partnership between ReForest London, London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph's Health Care, Celebration Forest is contributing the London's Million Tree Challenge and growing each year as more native trees and shrubs are planted in this beautiful natural setting.

A beautiful day for a ceremony and planting!Blue sky, the odd puffy cloud and seasonal temperatures made for a most pleasant event that started with a ceremony presenting the 2013 Tree Hero, the reading of all the honourees' names, the telling of a few personal stories and a tree planting demonstration. The second half of this event was the planting of 270 native trees and shrubs by an energetic and diverse group!

Joni Baechler 2013 Tree Hero2013's Tree Hero award honouree is Joni Baechler for all her work on behalf of tree and environmental issues in the City of London. Congratulations and thank you Joni for all you do and for caring about creating a healthier and greener London for future gnerations.

A big thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this day such a success.There were groups from: Lanktree Tree Services, Art of Living Foundation, Western University, and young people from around the world who are part of a Rotary Exchange. Thanks go to all the ReForest London community volunteers who came out to help plant trees for those who couldn't make it and to help wherever required from directing traffic and setting up chairs to handing out programs and distributing mulch. We really appreciate all your help in making this day so great. We also appreciate the support of local media: the London Community News and CTV London for covering the event.

Lanktree Tree ServiceThe trees planted in memory and in celebration were native species chosen for their suitability to this site. These trees include: red maple, silver maple, sugar maple, yellow birch, white birch, shagbark hickory, hackberry,eastern cottonwood, sycamore, black cherry, white oak, burr oak, black willow and basswod. Native shrubs planted include: smooth serviceberry, wild crabapple, ninebark, black elderberry, highbush cranberry, choke cherry, staghorn sumac and black currant.

This year's Celebration Forest planting honoured the memory of 134 people and five pets, and celebrated 102 individuals, businesses and organizations. Planting a tree for someone special is the perfect way to remember them, say thank you, or celebrate a milestone.

Honour someone you love with a tree for next year's Celebration Forest planting. more info

All ages took part

 Planting trees is fun!






Planting trees is a great way to volunteer

Planting for a family member 






Louise and crew

 Rotary exchange student volunteers






Mitch and Karn Schurmans

 David Crockett and Joni Baechler