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Celebrate Canada's 150th by planting a tree

Photo Credit: Tourism London

What better way to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary than by planting a tree? Canada is a country well known for it's beautiful landscapes and majestic forests, both rural and urban. 

Urban trees are great for the environment as they help offset the effects of climate change, prevent soil erosion and act as carbon sinks. Urban forests also provide ecosystem habitats for wildlife, decrease air pollution and play a large role in urban water management. 

By planting a tree in your neighbourhood, you are committing to keep Canada's urban forests strong. Street trees increase property values by as much as 20%, increase traffic safety, reduce utility bills and add beauty to the area.

Trees are part of Canada's natural heritage. Unfortunately we are losing lots of trees to threats such as the Emerald Ash Borer or development.  Landowners can help keep London's urban forest healthy by planting a tree, donating to have one planted, or assist with tree planting events. Help keep London's urban forest growing for generations of Canadians to enjoy.

1. Plant a tree on your property

  • Get a locally grown native tree
  • Register your planted tree online. Every tree counts and we need you to help us reach the goal of one million trees.

Don't have space on your property to add a tree? We can help!

2. Donate and ReForest London will plant a tree on your behalf


will plant a tree in a public park

  • Help us fund our public park planting efforts. A volunteer will plant the tree you purchased in a city park
$50 will plant a tree in a low-income neighbourhood
  • Low-income neighbourhoods statisically have a lower canopy coverage, which means increased health issues, more crime and lower property values.
$400  will plant a shade tree in a schoolyard
  • Children spend as much as 25% of their time outside on the playground. Help ensure that they grow up with a kinship to nature and teach them how to steward our urban forests.

See other donation options here.

3. Volunteer at a tree planting. 

  • If you are unable to plant a tree on your property, or donate to have a tree planted, you can help us plant trees in London. A full list of our upcoming plantings will be made available in spring 2016.
  • No experience necessary. We will provide trianing and equipment on site.