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Byron View Park Tree Planting and Monitoring Plot

Project type: 
Park Naturalization

On Saturday, September 22nd, Londoners gathered in Byron to plant trees as part of an ongoing naturalization effort led by ReForest London.   Volunteers in attendance included groups from Girl Guides of Canada and Western Serves, as well as many individuals and families from the community.

ReForest London has visited Byron View park three times to date, and Whisperwood Park (just downhill from Byron View) twice.  So why is this area receiving so much attention?  Beyond the usual environmental benefits gained by recreating natural forested areas in London, naturalizing this site will also improve its safety.  This project will help the land to recover from its previous land use (Byron View was once a landfill), and reduce soil erosion on the hillside (an ongoing problem at this location).  Enhancing bird and wildlife habitat is another benefit from park naturalization projects, so when volunteers spotted an American Bald Eagle soaring overhead during the planting, it was even more inspirational.  According to Project Coordinator Amber Cantell, ReForest London may do one more tree planting at Byron View Park, just to fill in any gaps or missed areas.

With the help of specially trained volunteers referred to as "Tree Gurus", ReForest London staff set up a monitoring plot as part of this planting site.  When asked for more details, Cantell commented "This is actually the first site where we've been able to set up a long-term monitoring system for our plants. This will allow us to determine the percent survival by species on the site over time, which will help inform species selection for other sites we are hoping to plant in the area in the next couple of years." This is an example of ReForest London's ongoing efforts to improve their planting projects.

A big thanks goes out to Canon's Take Root Program, presented by Evergreen for funding the tree planting on September 22nd, and also for providing ReForest London with a new camera to capture not only this planting, but all future events to come.  We would also like to thank volunteer Christine Anderstedt for taking photos at this event.

Byron Fall 2012 1 Byron Fall 2012 2
Byron Fall 2012 3 Byron Fall 2012 4
Byron Bald Eagle