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Briscoe Woods

Project type: 
Park Naturalization

ReForest London and 80 community volunteers planted 250 native trees, shrubs and vines at Briscoe Woods in the Coves subwatershed on October 17.

The tree planting event today at Briscoe Woods is a partnership between Friends of the Coves and ReForest London. Friends of the Coves recruited volunteers for the event and will oversee aftercare of the new naturalization project for the next two years.

In addition, there were more than a dozen youth from Katimavik, who are volunteer youth living in London and volunteering at dozens of London non profit organizations. They came to help ReForest London on their day off!

UWO Social Sciences department brought out 20 volunteers, and there were also dozens of individuals and families who came to help.

Also at the event, ReForest London announced a $65,000 grant. The Coves ESA park is one of ten parks that ReForest London will naturalize as they plant 4,000 trees in 2009-2010 with the funds from Environment Canada.

The grant will allow ReForest London to create 10 new naturalized areas in parks throughout London. These parks include Past Presidents Park, Briscoe Woods, Berkshire Park, Clara Brenton Woods, Fido Pottersburg Park, Kiwanis Park Central South, Shelborne Park North, River Foks Park East, Ed Blake Park, and Viscount Woods.

ReForest London has already completed projects at 4 of the parks, planting more than 1,600 native trees and shrubs. Over 900 volunteers are expected to help plant the trees, and ReForest London has partnered with several community groups to help recruit community volunteers.

“This grant offers us a tremendous opportunity to plant thousands of new trees in London’s parks and encourage Londoners to help improve their local environment,” said Julie Ryan, Executive Director of ReForest London. “Naturalizing parks porvides new habitat for wildlife, improves air and water quality, and enhances the natural beauty of our city.”

MP's Ed Holder, London West, and Irene Mathyssen, London Fanshawe were on hand to help announce the grant.

“Londoners will benefit today, and for generations to come, from this funding.  It will allow for further greening of our Forest City and will help improve the air quality in our neighbourhoods.  Often, we hear of ‘thinking globally and acting locally’ when it comes to protecting the environment and this project is a perfect example.  I’m pleased the Government of Canada is supporting this largely volunteer organization in its efforts to help London’s environment,” said MP Ed Holder.

“I have been a volunteer myself at many of the tree plantings organized by ReForest London, so I know from first-hand experience the value of this work, both in terms of our environment and community building. We are the ‘Forest City’ but we have a significant way to go in revitalizing our tree cover to re-earn that title. The federal government has a critical role to play, not only on the international stage, but in local action to address our environmental crisis. This federal grant to ReForest London is a smart investment in our community,” said MP Mathyssen.