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boomerang Knows Benefits of Tree Planting Come Back

Project type: 
Million Tree Challenge

Million Tree Challenge Partner boomerang CREDIT UNION, knows the value of sponsoring tree planting in London, especially considering their focus on Greening Our Schoolyards – a program that creates a green outdoor classroom for young students.

Lew Figol, CEO at boomerang CREDIT UNION is the driving force behind boomerang’s support. He said, “Partnering with ReForest London and the Million Tree Challenge is extremely important to boomerang CREDIT UNION. Through our partnership, the credit union is able to provide students with a healthier environment."

boomerang also knows that continued support and effort will make the biggest impact and that the rewards of a healthier, green London will come back to everyone. Figol noted, “We have been funding schoolyard projects for over five years. Our involvement helps out the community in so many ways. The trees that are planted provide shade to students and give them extra protection from harmful UV rays. Trees also take many impurities out of the air such as carbon dioxide and clean the air that we all breathe. This year, boomerang CREDIT UNION will be sponsoring another schoolyard project."

They are also a Partner that is looking at creative ways to make a greater impact on the community as a whole. Figol explains, “We are also excited about an idea of possibly starting to plant our own forest within the Forest City. The goal is to take an open public space and plant trees annually that would benefit the entire community.”

boomerang's logoA big supporter of London’s Million Tree Challenge, boomerang CREDIT UNION promotes this city-wide initiative through their channels and will also be giving out trees to their members later this summer to plant in their own yards. Figol states, “We will also be featuring an article in one of our newsletters and we will be providing a link to Reforest London on our website. As corporate citizens of London, we should all support this initiative.”

Celebrating their 65th anniversary, boomerang CREDIT UNION is a cooperative financial institution that provides personal and small business banking to 4,000 member-owners. The credit union is open to everyone. Unlike banks, credit unions are owned by the people that deal with them. Each member-owner is treated equally and has the same rights as everyone else, regardless of the amount of business that they transact with the credit union. As they serve their members, profits go back to the members, either as investment in required capital, investments in new services for members and as patronage rebates directly back to the members themselves.

Thank you boomerang CREDIT UNION for your continued support of London’s Million Tree Challenge.