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BOBfm Supports London's Million Tree Challenge

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Million Tree Challenge

MTC Media Partner 102.3 BOBfm, has been tremendously supportive of the Million Tree Challenge Citywide Tree Sale for the past two years in a variety of ways.
BOBfm at Heirloom Greens & Gardens

Each spring, eight independent London area garden centres, who are also Million Tree Challenge Partners, offer a 25% discount on many of their trees for a special Citywide Tree Sale. Helping to promote this 10-day sale event is an amazing Partner activity that really helps get trees purchased, planted and counted toward London’s Million Tree Challenge. 

102.3 BOBfm’s Promotions Director, Amanda Young, who loves the idea of the Million Tree Challenge quipped, “102.3 BOBfm is a proud partner of London’s Million Tree Challenge because trees are cool. Did you know that you can talk to trees? It’s good for them, so do your tree a favour and put a radio outside so they can enjoy BOBfm all day!”

BOBfm not only sent their summer cruiser to each garden centre for a live cut-in and to hand out tree sale coupons, but they also talked about it a lot on air including the benefits of trees and London’s Million Tree Challenge. BOBfm also put a lot of information about the sale, tree benefits and the Million Tree Challenge on their website and they put together a great online article about the Citywide Tree Sale with these wonderful image collages you see here!

This year, BOBfm also gave away ten Tree Gift Vouchers as prizes, redeemable at the participating garden centres. This gave some much-needed promotion of the Tree Gift Voucher program, a program that makes it easy for people to give trees as gifts.

Thank you BOBfm for your continuing support of London’s Million Tree Challenge and for caring about a greener city for everyone – you’re helping to keep the forest in the Forest City!

Thank you to our eight independant garden centres for participating again this year, they are: A&M Garden Centre, Baseline Nurseries, Heemans Greenhouses & Strawberry Farm, Heirloom Greens & Gardens, Heritage Garden Gallery, Parkway Gardens, Van Luyk Greenhouses, and Van Horik's Greenhouses.

BOBfm at A&M Garden Centre BOBfm at Baseline Nurseries
 BOBfm at Heemans  BOBfm at Heritage Garden Gallery
 BOBfm at Parkway Gardens  BOBfm at Van Luyk's
 BOBfm at Van Horik's  Matt Loop at Heritage Garden Gallery