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Berkshire Park

Project type: 
Park Naturalization

Deloitte Impact Day at Berkshire Park

September 30, 2005

London employees of Deloitte participated in the company's annual International Impact Day, Deloitte’s corporate social responsibility program that each of their offices in 150 countries in 5 continents partcipates in each year. About 15 Deloitte employees showed up for "work" bright and early at Berkshire Park. Led by ReForest London volunteer Barbara Macdonell, the Deloitte employees spent the day creating a new naturalization area in Berkshire Park.

Over 200 trees, shrubs and vines were planted in three planting beds. One hundred trees, 88 shrubs and 17 vines were carefully planted, covered with compost, and then mulched. The volunteers worked in clay and muddy soil, but it was a beautiful fall day and spirits were high. Among the trees planted were Cottonwood, Beech, Sycamore, Ash, Willow, Birch, Cedar, Plum, Dogwood, Tulip Tree, Servicberry, and Red Elm. The three circular planting beds are part of a naturalization design adopted by ReForest London based on research on effective naturalization models. Click here to see the Berkshire plan, and here to see more photos and the complete list of species planted.

ReForest London thanks the City of London for preparing the planting beds and arranging for the compost and woodchips to be delivered and available for this project. We also thank the employees of Deloitte for spending their day creating this beautiful and environmentally healthy new space.

Volunteers unload trees and shrubs for the new naturalization area.

The three circular planting beds were planted with about 70 plants each.

Thank you to the great group of Deloitte employees that completed this project.

One of the three completed planting beds.