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Argyle Tree Blitz and Depot

Project type: 
Neighbourhood Re-Leaf

On a rainy Saturday September 17th, ReForest London set up its tent at East Lions Park in East London for their second attempt at a Tree Blitz. Having been rained out the previous weekend, organizers were determined to provide the people in this east London neighborhood with trees. 

Their determination quickly paid off when residents flocked to the ReForest London tent, not only for shelter from the rain but also to receive their free trees. Residents weren’t all that bothered by the rain, some showing up donning rain coats, boots and umbrellas while other simply arrived in t-shirts and shorts. Several had been eagerly awaiting this Tree Blitz as it had been previously cancelled, as was the case with sisters Katrina and Stephanie. Both of whom live in the area and arrived at East Lions promptly at 12:30 to get their new White Spruce and McIntosh Apple Tree. 

But, while the locals gathered their trees, a handful of plucky volunteers set out around the neighborhood to reach those who didn’t wish to brave the rain and mud. Though not the ideal way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon, the volunteers soldiered through the neighborhood with bright attitudes and smiles on their faces, happy to be helping. 








Planting team Mystree kept their spirits high despite the weather and were elated when they finally got the chance to plant their first tree of the day. The homeowner was delighted with their new Serviceberry tree, and Team Mystree even set aside a tree for the homeowners daughter who lived only one street away and couldn’t wait for them to arrive to plant it.

Fortunately we experienced no lightning or thunder, and the Tree Blitz powered through the rain and successfully provided this East London neighborhood with some much needed foliage. 

Thank you to the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Richard and Beryl Ivey, a fund within the London Community Foundation, TreeMe and the City of London for being lead funders on this project.