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hub of the neighbourhood

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Greatest Survivor
Oak, Red
6953 James Street

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When Lambeth was annexed into the City of London there had been a plan to cut the tree down as it was a a bit long in the limb and obviously showing signs of it's age. The neighbours joined together to save that old beauty and even hired a tree expert to rid it of it's aging and deteriorating bits. (if you look closely you'll see signs of it's assisted living) I love watching everyone out for their evening strolls as they pass by this tree. Everyone comments. Everyone touches it as if believing that such a majestic and elderly giant will add somehow to their own longevity. This big oak whose branches span across two front yards and stretch almost all the way across the street is the central hub for all of the squirrels and birds in the neighbourhood. A blue heron stops by on his way to his nest in Dingman Creek, a woodpecker has been very active up high this spring and many bluejays, cardinals, starlings and morning doves have done their courting in the safety of that oak's branches. It's a busy tree but no one has taken up residency maybe it's because of the squirrels who use it as their amusement park. The "Big Oak" is also a navigation point. We give directions like "three doors down from the Big Oak you can't miss it" You're invited to take a stroll by I'm certain you too will be awed.

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