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Adopt a Park or Street and Give Back to the Forest City

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As Partners in London’s Million Tree Challenge, you are an organization or business that cares about a greener, healthier city for everyone. Especially if you have no land of your own to plant on, why not take that caring one step further and adopt a Park or Street through the City of London and have even more impact in making London a better place to live? Along with the great publicity and team-building opportunities, this is also a great way to plant more trees to count toward the Million Tree Challenge. 

Adopt a Park logoAdopt-A-Park and  Adopt-A-Street are programs which partner the City of London with interested community members, buisnesses and organizations working together to increase the cleanliness and beauty of our city's streets and parks.

Vanessa Kinsley, Community Projects Coordinator-Environment and Parks Planning said, “The Adopt programs are great, and a FREE way to give back to your community. Adopters get recognition through on-site signage as well as a yearly certificate of recognition. There is also the opportunity to host non-commercial events in the park to engage with the broader community. There is also the ability to donate for other park amenities in the park, including trees!”

Adopt-A-Park clean upWhat’s involved in Adopt-A-Park? Park adopters are required to hold at least two clean-ups per year for a minimum of two years. Other activities can include caring for and watering new trees, additional litter clean-up, tree planting and aftercare projects, observation and reporting of hazards, graffiti removal, and fundraising for new park amenities. Adopters can work with the Community Projects Coordinator to determine which activities are right for their park.

An Adopt-a-Park sign will be installed at key location(s) in the park. The signs are 24" x 24" and include the Adopt-a-Park logo, City of London logo and London Strengthening Neighbourhood Strategy logo, in addition to the adopter group's name in large text. Park adopters will also receive a Certificate of Adoption to recognize their commitment.

Jesse Davidson Park is lucky to have Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation as its adopted organization. Quite often when ReForest London is doing a planting event in an adopted Adopt-A-Parkpark, members of the adoptive organization join in. Seen at right are two local members of the Maria Luisa de Moreno International Foundation.

Another great option for being a community-minded organization and building pride and cooperation in your business or organization is the Adopt-A-Street program.

Make a difference on a street near your place of business and adopt it. What a great way to get employees involved in the community.

Adopt-A-Street logo
The City of London encourages neighbours, businesses and community groups to come together to enhance the cleanliness and beauty of our streets.

By adopting an approved street of your choice, you can: clean up your street a minimum of four times per year, but can be more often, participate in watering street trees and identifying locations for new tree plantings, report hazards or other issues on your street, plant flowers and beautify boulevards, with approval, and clear storm drains of leaves and debris.
Adopt-A-Street group

A wonderful example of the Adopt-A-Street program that ReForest London’s Neighbourhood Tree Captain Ellen Singleton led last fall, is one done by the Middlesex Condo Corporation 483 on Old Riverside Drive (seen above). In partnership with the City of London this group planted a barren plot of grass with 15 large trees and 30 indigenous shrubs. All of the condo owners came out to plant the shrubs and collectively joined their hoses to water them all. In the spring of 2015 the team will be back in action with a mulch placing party as well as aftercare. This project made such an amazing instant change for the better in the streetscape.

There is a great opportunity here for business owners to make a real difference internally and externally through an Adopt program! If you would like to Adopt-A-Park or Adopt-A-Street or to learn more, please contact Vanessa Kinsley, Community Projects Coordinator at 519-661-2500 x1871. See the City of London's website for more information about Adopt-A-Park and Adopt-A-Street programs.