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2011 Winners

ReForest London announced the 2011 winners of the Amazing Tree Quest at its Celebrate the Trees event at Windermere Manor. Trees in six categories received accolades as London’s most amazing trees for this 2011 contest.

See more photos and learn more about the winners by clicking on each title. Find out where they are by clicking the Map button on each entry, and go see them in person!

  People's Choice
This White Birch on Kathleen Ave was chosen by nominator Nancy McSloy and her father for her front yard. Her father passed away a year later and the tree serves as a living memorial to him.
  Favourite 1st Place
A pair of hugging White Birch trees has caught the romantic fancy of many Londoners, and parallels a love story told by Alexis Chadwick.
  Favourite 2nd Place
A family was saddened to see their favourite Willow tree in Gibbons Park damaged by a storm, and happy when the damaged pieces were removed but the tree saved.
  Best New Tree 1st Place
A Sugar Maple planted by an expectant mother brings new hope and new life. The tree continues to serve as an inspiration of life as the family faces serious illness in the child. The tree is located on Rushbrook Crescent and was nominated by Tricia Sinclair-Donelly.
  Best New Tree 2nd Place
This Honey Locust on Kipps Lane was a long-awaited finishing touch to a Habitat for Humanity house. Nominated by Lori Worozbyt.
  Historic 1st Place
A towering Sugar Maple overlooks historic Labatt Memorial Park - a rare sized tree for a public baseball stadium. The tree was nominated by Barry Wells.
  Historic 2nd Place
A massive White Oak tree sits in the backyard of its nominator, Alex Brown, but can be seen from Carol Park. It is estimated to be 80 feet tall and 14 feet in circumference.
  Best Tree Video 1st Place
A runner chronicles his run through London landmarks to his favourite tree. Brian Hillier and Sherry Lemcke made this video.
  Best Tree Video 2nd Place
Allesandro De Menech explains why he loves his favourite tree, a "super shady" maple in his back yard.
  For Kids: Show and Tell Tree 1st Place
A White Ash tree at the University Heights Wading Pool is a favourite of 3 year old Ambreena De Menech because it gives her lots of shade while she plays.
  For Kids: Show and Tell Tree 2nd Place
Alyssa Campbell loves her Mulberry tree for hide and seek and for its delicious berries.
  Tree-Inspired Art (professional)
London artist Valda-Christine Glennie painted this Magnolia tree at Elsie Perrin Williams Estate.
  Tree-Inspired Art (non-professional) 1st Place
Save Trees, Save Earth is the message from Malavika Nair's inspirational drawing.
  Tree-Inspired Art (non-professional) 2nd Place
R.L. Raymond's photo and poem reminds us why we love Sugar Maple trees.
  Special thanks to Heidi at Starfish and Coffee Photography for taking the photos of the Hugging Birches, People's Choice, and Historic Sugar Maple at Labatt Park.